Transport services and car relocation services

The best way to reach the summit of Halti and the other highest fells is by riding there in a sleigh attached to a snowmobile, or by driving a snowmobile yourself with a tour guide. If you would prefer to ski, you can request one-way transport in either direction.

Warm outdoor snowmobiling clothes are included in the price of Tunturikone’s transport services. This includes a snowmobile helmet and balaclava, outerwear, gloves and boots. Tunturikone can also assist independent travellers with snowmobile rental and can arrange catering for an additional cost.

With the car relocation service, you can start your journey towards Halti from Norway. For example, the distance from Guolasjärvi to Halti’s summit is 8km (5 miles). Tunturikone can drive your car to a pre-arranged location in Kilpisjärvi. Alternatively, you can call your guide from Halti so that your guide can pick you up in your own car from Guolasjärvi.

Fishing trips and boat rentals

For winter fishing trips your Tunturikone guide will bring the ice auger, fishing lures and firewood. Transport is usually by sleigh, but you can also go by snowmobile.

Tunturikone also rents out rowing boats on Kilpisjärvi lake (for a maximum of 4 people). They are fitted with 4- horsepower four-stroke engines. The rental price includes life jackets, a full tank of petrol, and fishing rod holders.

Ice fishing hut accommodation

Tunturikone rents out different sized ice fishing huts for the fell lakes. The biggest hut can accommodate four people, and the LPG heaters will ensure a warm night. The rental price includes campfire supplies.