Have you ever dreamt of seeing herds of hundreds of reindeer in their natural fell environment? Would you like to visit a traditional Sami village, far away from the nearest roads? Or do you dream of ice fishing in the clear waters of fell lakes, taking a guided safari, or hiking through the landscapes of Kilpisjärvi?

Kilpissafarit can make your dreams a reality. You can choose a ready-made excursion from the wide variety already available, or create your own custom-made adventure. Snowmobile equipment, coffee and tea, and snacks are all included in the price of our winter activities, as well as your tour guide, VAT, and insurance.

Winter activities are available from approximately the beginning of December until the end of April. All excursions are subject to weather conditions. The company operates every day from 08:00 to 20:00, and at other times on request, such as for Northern Lights excursions.

Accommodation and transport services

At its Luohtojärvi fishing centre, Kilpissafarit has two 4-person cabins, a sauna and a WC. Luohtojärvi is located about 30km (19 miles) from Kilpisjärvi, close to three other lakes rich in Arctic char in the heart of the fells.

In terms of transport, the customer can request transportation by sleigh for themselves and their belongings, or they can request a tour guide for an excursion. One sleigh can accommodate up to four people and their belongings, that is, all the guests staying in one four-person cabin. Should the customers wish to travel by snowmobile and transport their own belongings, they only need a tour guide. If the customers wish to keep the snowmobiles for the duration of their trip, they may drive around the Urttasjärvi, Rimmajärvi and Luohtojärvi areas without a separate permit.

Equipment rental

Kilpissafarit rents out snowmobiles and snowmobiling equipment, passenger sleighs, ice fishing sleighs, sleighs for transporting equipment, ice fishing huts, hiking and camping equipment, and fishing equipment.