Grayling Land

Grayling Land offers fishing and wilderness tours in the fells. The company’s summer offerings include fishing trips, fishing courses, fly-fishing, Arctic char fishing, fishing excursions in inflatable boats, and white water rafting.

Ice fishing excursions by snowmobile or helicopter are incredible winter experiences. Grayling Land also offers snowshoe tours and other activities.

Fly lure sales and equipment rental

You can buy fly-fishing flies and ice fishing lures in Grayling Land’s online fishing lure shop.

The company rents out white water rafting boats and equipment, inflatable rubber boats, canoes, tepee-style tents with camping equipment, fishing and fly-fishing equipment, trailers, ice fishing supplies, ice augers and ice fishing huts.

Transport services

In summer Grayling Land can arrange transportation in off-road vehicles for those wanting to fish independently in fell lakes and rivers such as Lätäseno and Kalkkoaivi, or in the incredible Arctic char and grayling waters of the Finnmark region in Norway.

In winter the company can arrange transport by snowmobile for independent ice-fishers and grouse hunters, as well as accommodation in ice fishing huts with saunas at the region’s best waters for Arctic char fishing. In Norway’s Finnmark region, they can arrange accommodation in heated dormitories with camp beds, as well as transport by snowmobile to the best Arctic char and grayling waters.