Towering over the east of Kilpisjärvi is the Saana fell, sacred to the Sami people. Its looming profile, rising 1,029m (3,376 feet) above sea level, is a well-known sight to most Finns. Saana gets its name from the Sami word meaning polypore, a kind of fungus, which refers to the fell’s shape. The west side of Saana became protected in 1988, because the summit area of the fell is barren and home to many rare species of butterfly. 

You can reach the summit of Saana by taking the trail which leaves from outside the Kilpisjärvi Hiking Center. Reaching the summit usually takes at least two hours. Visitors are free to trek along the marked trails, but it is forbidden to walk in the protected area of the Saana fell between 15 May and 1 September. 

There is another trail going around Saana, and ski trails are carved in winter.