The area around the village of Kilpisjärvi has well-maintained ski tracks, one of which is lit. This 1.2km (three-quarter mile) lit ski track is maintained from the beginning of December, and the rest are maintained from March onwards. Beyond this area in the wilderness there are no marked ski tracks, but you can ski on the marked snowmobile trails, which can lead you to places such as Halti, Somasjärvi and Lossujärvi. These trails are marked with poles, but their condition cannot be guaranteed.

Freestyle skiers can ski in Kilpisjärvi at Termisvaara or Saana, where you can find Finland’s largest gorges. You can reach these areas of powder snow by snowmobile, helicopter, or by snowshoeing.

You can keep up to date with Kilpisjärvi’s ski trails in real time here (